For everyone with a concern for the well-being of their under 7's and a love of real music. For every parent who'd actually like to run from the room when your little darlings have 'that' nursery rhyme CD on. For parents who would cheerfully strangle a Wiggle or condemn Barney the Dinosaur back to extinction... Wouldn't you love Sunday afternoon gigs for them, and for you? Well we're the Rockin Rhinos and that's exactly what we do.

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Hey Hey We’re The Rhinos


This is the band for your under sevens if you want a real gig.  Think The Banana Splits, with The Ramones, with Spike Milligan and The Specials – with a dash of Frank Sidebottom too – and you’ll be getting there.  We know small children love good ‘rock’ music, of whatever type, that it doesn’t need the edges softened, and although we keep the volume safe for little ears this is a real gig.  Covers like Money Man, meet a turbo-charged Wheels on the Bus with a smattering of our own stuff too – did I mention the bar and lunch menu too?

After their triumphant return gig last in June, the Rockin’ Rhinos return to their new home, The MMU Union, to launch their first ever CD!  It’ll be your first chance to get the CD, see the band play all your favourites (and maybe a new track or two too) – and don’t forget that the Union bar will be open with their excellent kids menu too.  We’ll be on stage at 3 but there’ll be plenty to do if you’re there early.

Tickets £5 each (exc booking fee), with a discounted family offer too at Seetickets

A fan at the last gig (who doestn’t know any of the band members) told us -

‘ [We] had a great time. My son, who is 4, said to me on the drive home from nursery “when r we going to see the Rockin’ Rhinos again”!!! So I think u were a hit. I liked the venue as lots of space, cheap drinks & u could get food, plus the drawing tables were a great idea. Hopefully c u in October.‘

Another fan noted the fact that they got ‘rock’ at a volume that was fine for their children whilst another said that her son got home, found a white jacket and immediately wanted to play at being John Cooper Cat.